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“Stefani Glaser and Glaser Marketing is an invaluable source for skilled, quality oriented, vendors at
reasonable prices.  Beyond vendor relations, Glaser marketing is tuned into market trends, political issues,
and staffing for builders.  She also puts on a hell of a party and can do Vegas till the wee hours.”

Gordon Berken

“I have been doing business with Glaser Marketing for about 10 years. Stephanie has been truly a pleasure
to work with. Whatever my needs have been, from sub contractors, new employees, industry info, builder
organizations, Stephanie has always provided me with answers and results. The companies that Glaser
Marketing represents have always been top of the line. If ever a problem came about Stephanie would
personally get involved and make things right.”

“I have found that Glaser marketing is truly in touch with all of the important information within our industry.
Stefani’s uncanny networking skills have helped me, by being able to meet many different business leaders.
I would highly recommend the Glaser Marketing Group.”

Thomas Pagnotta
General Development Corp.

“I have known Stefani Glaser for over 10 years.  Her ambition, drive and ability to network have made The
Glaser Marketing Group a success”

“The company represents a well rounded and proven subcontractor/client base

Albert Cohen
VP of Purchasing & Development Lowell Homes, Inc.

“What can I say, we’ve had Stefani’s firm Glaser Marketing represents our organization for over 3 years now,
and while the industry as a whole has slowed down, our business is still growing double digits thanks in large
part due from Stefani’s support.  I wish she worked for us directly.

Scott Ballin, President
Distinctive Kitchens

“The Glaser Marketing Group has been of great help and support to our firm. We have traditionally been
involved in high-rise condominium development and construction, and as such, have developed excellent
relationships with our subcontractors and material vendors. “
“Recently, however, our firm has undertaken several new development projects in the multifamily and town
home arena where our larger, high-rise subcontractors do not participate. Through our relationship with Stef
Glaser and her staff, we have been able to quickly obtain the names and contacts with QUALITY
subcontractors and vendors for our projects who will be part of our future work in the multifamily sector.”
“Obtaining this information and attempting to build these vital relationships without the assistance of the
Glazier Marketing Group would have been a very long and perhaps unreliable process of trial and error. Our
experience has been that we have only been introduced to the best quality subs and vendors though our
relationship with Glazier Marketing Group.”

Michael Neal
Executive Vice President
Coscan Construction, LLC

You have been a great resource for quality trade contractors in the South Florida homebuilding market.  
You and your firm are greatly appreciated by Classic Communities.  I would like to thank you on behalf of
our team and look forward to our future relationship.

Todd Stephens
Classic Communities

You are a great promoter and a fabulous network conduit in the Construction and development Industry.
Your energy, enthusiasm and passion for the Industry help create a great synergy in creating business
relationships and drumming up business. Your assistance in referring people to add to our staff, putting us
in contact with land owners and recommending subs has been a great help to our business.”

Hector Garcia
Southern Homes

“Over the last 10 years, I have seen Stefani Glaser develop her company into a comprehensive one of a
kind construction marketing firm.  Cretin a niche for marketing in the construction industry, Stefani continues
to provide professional marketing services for the leaders of the construction industry.”

John P Kirby
CEO of Kirby Consulting, Inc.
Executive VP Coastal Aggregates LLC
VP Modern Concrete LLC

“I just want to let you know how pleased I am with you and your associates at “I just want to let you know how
pleased I am with you and your associates at Glaser Marketing.  As you know, this past year has brought
many new dimensions to the table, such as the drop in housing, materials issues, and manpower factors and
to some degree fallout from hurricane Wilma.  Glaser Marketing has helped us get through these trying

“With your experience in dealing with various builders and architects, our relationship has afforded us many
new contacts in the Port St. Lucie-Vero Beach market area, and locally.  These contacts turn into contracts,
which is one of the primary reasons we have retained your firm.

“Again thanks and we look forward to exciting times in the future.

Tim Graboski
Graboski Roofing

“During a crisis period three years ago, The Glaser Marketing Group led by Stefani Glaser, was willing to
assist to rebuild a project in Davenport Florida.  Her efforts were recognized at the National Hurricane
Convention in Tampa in 2005.

We are anticipating that the project will be a success in the near future.

Former Governor of Florida
Jeb Bush
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“The Glaser Marketing Group has been an invaluable tool in aiding H & H
Construction in establishing solid relationships with top quality
subcontractors throughout the construction industry.  I have attended
quite a few of Glaser Marketing’s events, and have always come away
with top notch new contacts.”

George U Hernandez
H & H Construction
"I have known Stefani for over ten years and have seen her transform many businesses into
players within their respective industries.  She provides an intangible benefit that is priceless
and her energy level is limitless.  Her depth and breadth of key high-level relationships, coupled
with her knowledge of expanding markets position her as someone that you must have on your

Douglas M. Watt
VP Preconstruction
Stiles Construction

“Stef Glaser is a networking genius. She’s in her third year now of marketing for us. She knows
the players, does her homework, and puts us in touch with the right people at the right time. I
highly recommend her to help you grow your business.”

Elyse Krieger Hurtado
Vice President
Krieger Kitchens

“My professional experience with Glaser Marketing has been that of overwhelming success.  In
certain aspects of business, being recruiting new subcontractors or employees, business
events, or enhancing my career, they have been there to see me through.  I have great
confidence in them and would highly recommend them.”

Bonnie Buchan
Vice President, Glaser Marketing Group

“I would recommend Stefani Glaser and the Glaser Marketing Group without hesitation. They
have been an invaluable tool to our company and display the highest level of expertise and
integrity. I view Stefani as an integral member of my management team with regards to vendor
selection. I know I can trust her recommendations because they are backed by years of
experience and research. Glaser Marketing has proven time and again that they only work with
the best and most qualified clients.”

Ronald L. Yuter – Senior V.P./Chief Operating Officer
Shelby Homes